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Who is leader N-Zem?

Nabil Zemmouri has been a Chef for 10 years and is today recognized for his anti-food waste cooking, as much as for his culinary advice on social networks.

Smart, quick, delicious and zero waste recipes. “Here we throw nothing away, we transform everything”: such is the credo of this passionate Chef, who has preserved the principles of economy and inventiveness instilled during his youth and has made them his trademark.

“Joining Pyrex®'s anti-food waste approach was an obvious choice for me; I have always used Pyrex® dishes and utensils for my cooking, which are very practical and durable. And then sustainable dishes that we keep for a long time, isn’t that the first way to avoid wasting? With Pyrex®, we want to help people adopt good anti-waste reflexes by giving them advice and ideas for smart and easy recipes, accessible to everyone. »


We all have leftovers in our fridge, Chef N-Zem gives you his recipes to enhance them and above all not waste anything!

You all have leftover white meats lying around in your fridge. With a little creativity, you can create new dishes with it; we chop with a knife or a blender and add an egg and a very small piece of bread soaked in milk, that's the base whatever the meat. Here I'm going with an Italian influence, with olives, basil and parmesan.

I mixed, formed balls and cooked in a pan with a little olive oil. The meat was already cooked so it goes very quickly!

I accompany this with pasta and a little mushroom and mascarpone sauce or simply crème fraiche. This also works with any piece of beef from the day before, but in this case I advise you to put them in a blender.

You have all already had to make extra rice which had become compact and sticky...

Well it's a real nugget, with this you can make an upside-down bowl, a specialty of Mauritius!

Toast the rice in the fat of your choice for as long as possible and salt generously. Toast for at least 5 minutes and for as long as possible (the more toasted the better), you will feel each grain in your mouth!

And there we move on to the step that I prefer, we take everything that is lying around the house, there are no rules, there is no There are no ingredients, you just sauté everything you have in the pan!

I'll give you a little optional tip: a binder made from water and soy sauce, with a small spoonful of cornstarch or flour. Mix well and pour into your very hot pan, it will immediately boil and bind to your sauce thanks to the action of the cornstarch. After; meat or fish of your choice, it's really what you have at home.

Then take a small bowl "cereal size" (no more); first put the vegetables, meat or fish of your choice, pack well and smooth with the back of a spoon and then place a plate on top and turn the bowl upside down.

The custom in Mauritius is to put a fried egg at the bottom of the bowl, I put it on top!

Bananas that have darkened nicely, don't let that put you off!

With this you will be able to do incredible things! You just have to place the bananas in the freezer and take them out the day you want to do this little trick.

Let the bananas defrost for 5 minutes to handle them better and mix them, without anything, without cream, without sugar, without anything. You will obtain a dessert cream worthy of a large ice cream parlor.

Then as usual, you make what you want with it, I made a little stracciatella: you take slightly hot chocolate and the temperature shock will create this little stracciatella. You can leave it plain or add biscuits or broken speculoos, or even crushed nuts.

You can enjoy as is or put back in the freezer to have something nice and hardened.

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